EP 16: Texas Slim down under with Mike Scanlan
EP 16: Texas Slim down under with Mike Scanlan
I Am Texas Slim
  • Intro to Mike Scanlan
  • Leaky gut
  • Desperate to change
  • Lifestyle 
  • Having market access
  • 15 years of regenerative 
  • Wolki Farms recap
  • Hearing their story
  • Voice of the ranchers
  • Podcast suggestions
  • Hey Doc Baker
  • Local wildlife
  • International Beef Initiative 
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20,000 sats
22 Feb
its all coming together.
22 Feb
yessir it’s been written
15,000 sats
24 Feb
What up from Lancaster, Pennsylvania! Can't give ya enough props for the education you provide! I've never had a more hopeful look towards the future of self and fellow Plebs. Keep on keeping on fella's 🤙🏿
3,333 sats
2 Mar
1,000 sats
25 Feb
Florida beef initiative !
200 sats
26 Feb
another great interview slim just what we all need