1531 - "Dead Name"
1531 - "Dead Name"
No Agenda

No Agenda Episode 1531 - "Dead Name"

"Dead Name"

Executive Producers:

Countess Kim Keeper of the nutty fluffers

Dame Delphinium Jesser -GoFundMe

Sir Nacho Alcatraz

Brock Robinson

Sir Dirty Jersey Whore of The East Texas Piney Woods

Agnes Balog


Sir & Dame Scott & Elizabeth Vervynck

Associate Executive Producers:

Vicky Atkinson

Wirt Fuller

Sir Jeremy Chum-Phatti

Bradley Fox

Corey Tibbetts

Kristie Barnett

Sir Eric

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Title Changes

Viscountess > Countess Kim Keep of the nutty fluffers

Knights & Dames

Jessica Staszak Abitz> Dame Delphinium Jesser

The Dirty Jersey Whore > Sir Dirty Jersey Whore of The East Texas Piney Woods

Art By: Nessworks - newworks@getalby.com

End of Show Mixes: Brain Data - Robert Szolnicki - Tom Starkweather - Rolando Gonzalez - Sir Michaelanthony - Sound Guy Steve

Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry

Mark van Dijk - Systems Master

Ryan Bemrose - Program Director

Back Office Jae Dvorak

Chapters: Dreb Scott

Clip Custodian: Neal Jones

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12,498 sats
20 Feb
I'm from Woodstock, and I dont find you humorless hippy talk very funny!....hang on,...no I do find it funny! Very good jokes. Feel better @Adam.
21 Feb
12,345 sats
20 Mar
get some
5,000 sats
20 Feb
5,000 sats
20 Feb
good luck buying US treasuries in lebanon and fleeing the country with them
4,321 sats
21 Feb
ChatGPT is getting smarter…Adam Curry's contributions have helped to make him one of the most recognized and influential figures in the world of podcasting, earning him the nickname "The Podfather" among fans and industry insiders alike. <br\> Dvorak's primary argument against the mouse is that it is an inefficient input device that slows down productivity and makes it harder for users to get work done.
2,000 sats
21 Feb
1,531 sats
26 May
1,000 sats
20 Feb
ITM Gents! First boooooost! OMG this is Amaaaaazing!
1,000 sats
20 Feb
ITM gentlemen. looks like your source inside Project Veritas wasn’t exactly brought in on the truth with O’Keefe. Or maybe he was being intentionality misleading. You should call him on that.
500 sats
21 Feb
Keep wstching the skies! Don't you want to believe? ITM!
369 sats
20 Feb
333 sats
24 Feb
111 sats
20 Feb
Tooth Boost
111 sats
23 Feb
i keep on beeing astonished about JCD's disbelieve in "the earthquake machine". and bringing such an infantile arguement like: the machine is where the quake happens..... what the hell??? he has some understanding of physics. he witnessed himself the effect of resonance. you can't tell me he is not capable to do the analogy from "the building" to "the sphere". i am little conused. ITM & TYFYC
23 Feb
confused about why he plays the game. is this some good cop, bad cop stuff i don't get?
100 sats
21 Feb
karma for all
100 sats
20 Feb
Thank you for your courage gentleman!