Planet Rage #0068 – Lawful Crimes
Planet Rage #0068 – Lawful Crimes
Planet Rage
On this journey through Planet Rage, we talk about all the things that make our blood boil, including clueless journalists, editing podcasts, Russiagate, and a whole lot more. Come rage with us, a tour is departing now! EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:SirferNetNedLavish – – & THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THE SHOW! SUPPORT THE SHOW & …
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6 Feb
Dead-On Darren & Lambent Larry Feel your ferocious bluster building to a wrathful crescendo? Take a load off with "funny" cartoons on offer at the blog www.CSB.LOL. Afterwards, prepare for potential sempiternity by tuning into the podcast narrated by the gloriously gorgeous Gregory Foreman! There you will find useful tips and tricks for navigating the age of automation to come. Can we circumvent the 'mark of the beast' by putting our Podcast Power Ranger heads together? Yo! - CSB