EP 13: Don't eat the sludge
EP 13: Don't eat the sludge
I Am Texas Slim
  • More content update
  • they got a label for that
  • deceptive marketing
  • consumption models
  • market access
  • organic organic
  •  beef boxes
  • no chemicals period
  • beef initiative producers
  • affordable beef 
  • don't eat the sludge
  • not made in the USA
  • go shake a ranchers hand
  • micro summits
  • story time with Slim
  • central market not from around here
  • beef boxes down under
  • save the nation, save the children
  • Boost the Beef!

Australian Beef Initiative


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58,333 sats
27 Jan
33333 + bonus 25000 for being a pain in the ass on Twitter 😂. cheers my brother! Cole is taking good care👍 but read my DM sometime soon
20,000 sats
25 Jan
but but but but
25 Jan
thats the standard response I get when telling friends to stop poisoning their children with the shit they feed em or inject into them. always an excuse, never a concern for health. its fucking heartbreaking
2,100 sats
1 Feb
between @TexasSlim and Saif, I am gaining #FoodIntelligence. Get on the mission!
1,111 sats
25 Jan
gmo/bioengineered frankenfood and gene editing injections are creating genetically altered humans. I am convinced we are witnessing an evolutionary split in real time.
1,111 sats
25 Jan
3.79 a dozen local eggs from pastured chickens as of yesterday where Im at (lehigh valley PA). my local supply chain rarely raises price in conjunction with national trends. during the alleged beef shortage during 'covid', I saw no increase at my local source.
1,000 sats
25 Jan
shake a ranchers hand
333 sats
10 Feb
hey slim