Bitcoin Park Open House: Bitcoin Mining - What to Expect in 2023
Bitcoin Park Open House: Bitcoin Mining - What to Expect in 2023
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This conversation was recorded at Bitcoin Park’s January 2023 Open House, a monthly meetup event at Bitcoin Park in Nashville, TN featuring panel discussions on various Bitcoin-focused topics.

January 2023’s Open House topic: Mining to the Moon

Recorded: January 11, 2022

Bitcoin Mining: What to Expect in 2023


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Rod @bitkite:

60,000 sats
22 Jan
Yo, Matt! What percentage of world energy will be consumed by Bitcoin mining? Very tricky question; in engineering this is called "open loop control" - there is no feedback in the system. See my diagram: My guess? complete stab in the dark, but below 10% (could easily spike well above)
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22 Jan
Thanks for sharing
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22 Jan
Thanks for uploading this one to the feed.
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21 Jan
great panel. awesome splits.
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23 Jan
mining boost
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22 Jan
bullish on Bitcoin, bullish on Harry sudock, bullish on Odell!
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21 Jan
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21 Jan
Loved the conversation.