EP 12: Slim's Solo
EP 12: Slim's Solo
I Am Texas Slim
  • Podcast updates
  • Beef Initiative growth
  • Lack of communication skills
  • Pure animal protein
  • Texas Slim's Cuts
  • Decentralized market access
  • Keeping it local
  • health crisis is upon us
  • Come along and volunteer 
  • Texas history
  • Story time with Slim
  • Saving the children
  • Calling you out Joe Rogan
  • What's your story
  • Jason Wrich and the foundation
  • Jimmy Dean
  • Proud of market access
  • Holding your breath
  • Bringing beef intelligence 
  • Get a micro summit
  • Texas truck 
  •  Closing thoughts 
  •  Value4Value Boost the Beef! 

Australian Beef Initiative


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18 Jan
a declaration and call too action is needed. great show and should charge folks up
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18 Jan
Boosting Fixed 😃👍😃👍😃
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22 Jan
This gets me excited for 2023. Keep it up, Slim!
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19 Jan
the more they attack beef, the more I beef harder. #foodintelligence
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20 Jan
thanks for the podcast.
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27 Jan
eat more beef
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22 Jan
preach slim preach