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After sacrificing our pound of flesh for episode 500, we get into some spicy Big Tech dynamics and the performance mess of WebAssembly runtimes.

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500,000 sats
22 Jan
Here's the big boost for 500 episodes!
24 Jan
23 Jan
what a fat Booster! wow! 👏🏻🔥
26 Jan
booster 😁
11,000 sats
17 Jan
what a grease intro music :)
17 Jan
A great music intro :) , & congratulations on the episode 500
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13 Jan
First time I listened to you show and what a funny coincidence, we at conshax.app use web assembly to process your boosts.
5,000 sats
19 Jan
happy 500
2,222 sats
18 Jan
First boost! Love the show, glad the trombones were still in the intro so I could maintain that imagery of you two playing. I have to wonder if the show title contributed to the plane grounding event (pilots need their Coder Radio fix before takeoff). Keep up the good work, and happy 500th episode (although a bit late). - ddsmit
2,000 sats
19 Jan
happy 500! wohoo!. In all honesty I dont like it either, but if someone is foinf to own Open ai, microsoft is the “lesser evil” vs amazon, facebook, google. i would prefer having the core economy on pop’s shops, but we aint going back to that :( is all about the big huge companies, sadly
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15 Jan
Gentlemen, congratulations on episode 500!
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11 Jan
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15 Jan
thanks for covering the Amazon story... interesting and important.
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22 Jan