EP9: Future Voice Of The Ranchers ft Shawn Johnson
EP9: Future Voice Of The Ranchers ft Shawn Johnson
I Am Texas Slim
  • 2023 Beef Initiative
  • Intro to Shawn Johnson
  • Micro Summits
  • 2022 review
  • Shipping costs/market access
  • Shake a ranchers hand digitally
  • Scholarships 
  • Rancher's taking the ropes
  • Pure animal protein
  • Quit validating the deceptions
  • Closing thoughts
  • Value4Value Boost the Beef!

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Met a fellow producer at a local Bitcoin meetup. I'm encouraging him to join the beef initiative and we're exploring ways to collaborate our efforts to keep our meat out of the sale barns and market everything direct to consumer. Bitcoin and beef initiative building partnerships in action! God bless!
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