EP8: Christmas ft. Anne & Weldon of Holy Cow Beef
I Am Texas Slim

EP8: Christmas ft. Anne & Weldon of Holy Cow Beef

28 Dec • 1hr 25m
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Show Notes

Intro to Holy Cow Beef
Journey to Nashville
Bitcoin easy
Micro Summit recap
Finding local ranchers
Whole Foods
Beef for kids
Current health through beef
Traveling beef
Christmas in Texas
Dont pee on the electric fence
Energy to the fork
Homesteading beef security
Future Beef Initiative Producers
Moving the obese target
Corn Fructose
Closing and contacts
Value4Value Boost the Beef!
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29 Dec
its so damn simple its complicated to most. HOLY COW !!!!!
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child abuse is public policy backed by not only big monied interests, but by government legislation and regulation. and its F'n sickening on so many levels
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6 Jan
keep up the good work and interesting stories
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28 Dec
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