EP7: Beef Intelligence ft. Jason Wrich & Cole Bolton
EP7: Beef Intelligence ft. Jason Wrich & Cole Bolton
I Am Texas Slim
  • Intro
  • Nashville Micro Summit Recap
  • Colorado snow vs Texas snow
  • HomeTown Meats growth
  • Wrich Ranch 2022 recap
  • Grass fed/finished weights
  • Story Time with Slim
  • Grass fed/grain finished
  • Beef Intelligence education
  • Store vs rancher beef
  • True cuts of the cow
  • What's going on with big packers
  • Aging process
  • Ranchers are the educators
  • Commodity and ranchers
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Shipping in 2023
  • Local Producers in all states
  • Replicating the Beef Initiative
  • Cattleman's Association recap
  • HomeTown Meats updates
  • Wrich Ranches updates
  • Texas Slim Foundation
  • Closing and contacts
  • Scholarships and education
  • Value4Value Boost the Beef!

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24 Dec
Merry Christmas Slim ✌️🎄
100,000 sats
21 Dec
i am so damn proud of you, cole and jason and all the other ranchers in beef initiative. i wish i could do more than i am but this is the life. ya know im there for yall. thank you for all ypu do.
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23 Dec
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24 Dec
merry christmas to all
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21 Dec
Texas Slim, This was probably the best episode of your podcast so far. As a consumer this episode cleared some questions I had. however... There are many unanswered questions that "we" the beef consumer (at all income levels) need to know, not only about nutrient starvation, but also about value, quality and affordability to the week to week paycheck types. I would love to have you on my Podcast or perhaps point me to the ranchers/producers who can explain/answer to these issues. Great Podcast
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18 Jan
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31 Dec
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21 Dec
Excited to be a member of TBI. Looking forward to a future of regionally sourced TBI meat boxes for local consumers and shaking the hands of the families we work so hard for to provide them the highest quality foods. Keep fighting the good fight! God bless. TBI has me excited for the future of American meats!
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