EP4: The Real Story Behind Texas Slim

EP4: The Real Story Behind Texas Slim

I Am Texas Slim

  • Intro with Shawn Johnson
  • Fall of 2018
  • Broken bones and thin in 2019
  • The son and father
  • 6 weeks
  • Nutritionist was wrong
  • Food Intelligence was born
  • Farm tough
  • Undercover harvest 
  • Rapeseed aka Canola
  • Finding market access
  • Harvest of Deception
  • The start of The Beef Initiative
  • Roadmaps 
  • What's on your billboard
  • Value4Value Boost the Beef!

Road to 100k!
Slim's Substack https://texasslim.substack.com/

Tennessee Beef Initiative Micro-Summit
DEC 8-9 2022

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