EP3: Genetics is the key to great beef
EP3: Genetics is the key to great beef
I Am Texas Slim
  • Kill It & Grill It recap
  • 2 Bar C Ranch with Clyde
  • Whats a modern day cattleman
  • Genetics
  • EPD
  • Hobby ranchers
  • What are your intentions
  • Story Time with Slim
  • Broken bones and missing digits
  • Knowing Cole Bolton
  • Setting the bar of quality
  • The bottleneck
  • Hometown Meats vs major processing centers
  • Voice of the ranchers
  • How to find 2 Bar C Ranch
  • Beef Initiative Micro Summits
  • Value4Value Boost the Beef!

Where to find 2 Bar C Ranch

Tennessee Beef Initiative Micro-Summit
DEC 8-9 2022

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