Episode 110: Paws & Claws
Episode 110: Paws & Claws
Podcasting 2.0

Podcasting 2.0 November 11th 2022 Episode 110: "Paws & Claws"

Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org - We've got GUID Roulette, Sats-Chat and a lot of momentum in today's Board Meeting!


*** Check Email Folder!

Take a mental snapshot of this moment. You were part of it.

GUID's - Thank you for the trust

Off the mic cancelled!

Alban V4V video

Conshax Value4Value Dashboard

Add artist to split1500 PodcastIndex Social

Mastodon is missing algo vendors

DAI player position streaming - early adopter trauma not downloading

"Grow your show" - ask listeners to hit people in the mouth

Pinafore.social podcastindex.social · Home

LN.capital on Twitter: "BOLT 12 is a sleeping giant. But 99% of Bitcoiners don’t understand it yet. In this thread, we’ll break it down as simply as possible:" / Twitter

1% split as podcaster api for services

Common v4v comments cross app

Mainstream tech journalists call for Twitter to add value-for-value features

IAB bullcrap

Mastodon cross app comments opportunity is now

Vizzy for Podcasters |

DAI transcripts problem

Big Baller Jingle