EP2: The Bitcoin Scholarship
EP2: The Bitcoin Scholarship
I Am Texas Slim
  • "I am an educator"
  • Unchained Capital with Parker Lewis
  • In the bitcoin space
  • Educating with Jason Wrich
  • Scholarship Fund
  • Wrich Ranches Scholarship
  • Story time with Slim
  • Austin has changed
  • Basic 101 life skills 
  • Coming back to Colorado
  • Innovations via enthusiasm
  • Vision for internship program
  • Fireplace 101
  • Primal instincts 
  • this ain't no dude ranch
  • "One man band cattle rancher"
  • Saving lives through the scholarship
  • Cattle vs Chickens
  • Bringing back the ranchers voice
  • Hang on to your hats
  • Resources and events
  • Value4Value Boost Messages

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20,000 sats
10 Nov
god damn this is so cool. and much more than i thougjt. keep doing whst you do.
10,000 sats
21 Nov
“time to innovate — not time to ask permission”
10,000 sats
9 Nov
Education is the number one focus in the goal of bringing new 1st generation ranchers into the folds. This scholarship is something I’m very excited about! Everything is so so early.
8,888 sats
9 Nov
Da Boost!
1,234 sats
10 Nov
eat more beef 🍖
1,000 sats
11 Nov
do you have a rancher in Michigan? I am in the Flint area. I’m not a rancher I have a 2 acre duck farm. how can I help and maybe get some beef? The butcher I use doesn’t know any grass fed ranchers.
14 Nov
go beefinitiative.com and our twitter. links are in all the show notes.
500 sats
22 Nov
500 sats
7 Feb
I’d love to go to one of these farm programs so I can gain the skills and get the tools to become a farmer 👨🏾‍🌾
500 sats
9 Nov
333 sats
9 Nov
100 sats
16 Nov
100 sats
31 Jan
thanks for what you do