Pure American Protein with Jim Mundorf
Pure American Protein with Jim Mundorf
I Am Texas Slim

Pure American Protein with Jim Mundorf

History of Lonesome Lands

Day in the life of Jim

Longhorn Art

Ranching in 2022

How much is the calf worth?

Iowa Beef Packing history

Cattle drout and beef packing effenciency

Who's beef is this?

JBS and the dollar

Government Lab "Meat"

Luxury steak

Decentralized beef access

Processing Plants

Eat local, buy local

Enjoying things in life




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5,000 sats
7 Jul
Thanks for your effort. This is exactly what we need, more education and less centralization.
5,000 sats
9 Jul
appreciate the signal
5,000 sats
7 Jul
pure inspiration 🐂💯
1,111 sats
6 Jul
Thanks for the Value!
555 sats
7 Jul
Love what you’re doing Slim. Would love to bring this initiative to Canada as well.
500 sats
7 Jul
You are going to descentralize the beef industry. One community at a time.
333 sats
8 Jul
With the overt war on meat in general, and beef specifically, we have a moral imperative to do whatever is necessary to keep the US beef industry alive and decentralized for the benefit of future generations #FoodIntellgence
333 sats
8 Jul
I think it was Patrick Henry who said something about 'give me beef or give me death'.
30 sats
7 Jul
10 sats
7 Jul
6 sats
10 Jul