Jack of The Survival Podcast

Jack of The Survival Podcast

I Am Texas Slim

History of The Survival Podcast

Modern Survivalist

Podcasting thick skin

Community Strengths

Grandparent Internet

Small town cops vs today

War on words

Inflation or Capitalism

ProActive Anarchy

The seed highway controllers

Question everything

Omnivore and Carnivore Evolution

"Experts Say..."

Chemical food warps the mind

Building a house in Texas

Farm Aid 2022

Shift in Consuption Models

Electric Cars vs The Grid

Winter is coming

Jim Cramer Corporate Media

Slow Adoption

Bitcoin Energy Use vs Legacy Energy

Cut some damn woods by hand

Value4Value with Fountain

Montetize Everything

"Satoshi Airlines" Value4Value flights

Defendable Wealth

Leaving a legacy

Macro Shift

Abundant Resources vs Scarce Resources

Weaponizing fear

Final thoughts by Jack Spirko

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