Ranch Talk with Jason, Cole and Slim

Ranch Talk with Jason, Cole and Slim

I Am Texas Slim

  • Understanding where your beef comes from
  • Beef Exports from other countries into the US
  • The true cattle inventory in the US
  • -How to look at the beef industry from the rancher's perspective
  • Working together to communicate through the Beef Initiative
  • Knowing how to identify true quality and value when sourcing your animal protein
  • Cattle sale and how to understand the current state of affairs
  • How the drought affects the small rancher/producer

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The NEXT Beef Initiative Conference will be in GEORGIA, with fourth-generation cattleman, Will Harris, & White Oak Pastures.

About this event

SPEAKERS (as of August 5, 2022):

The Beef Initiative #FoodIntelligence Summit will take place at White Oak Pastures, where - Will Harris, fourth-generation cattleman, will lay the foundation for our summit and explain how the historic farm went away from regenerative agriculture...and back again. 

"Podfather" Adam Curry of the No Agenda Show will co-host the event. He has been an advisor and supporter of the Beef Initiative since our launch. Adam will discuss the Value-For-Value concept and how it is driving an international lifestyle.

The event will include tours of White Oak Pastures. 

Additional speakers and detailed schedule coming later this week!


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