Episode 2 - Ranch Talk featuring Scott Hauck
Episode 2 - Ranch Talk featuring Scott Hauck
I Am Texas Slim

Episode 2 - Ranch Talk ft Scott Hauck

  • Life updates on Sacred Song Farm
  • Hearing the signal and acting on it
  • Healing the land
  • Friction-less vs Spiritual Friction
  • Rocky Mountains spinal column of America
  • Transparency and honesty
  • Know ourselves
  • One with nature
  • Family values
  • Treat the land how you treat yourself
  • Road trip with our sons
  • Health on all levels
  • Vibrations, are you listening?
  • Sacred Song Farms what we do
  • Beef Initiative Producers
  • Technology and how we use it
  • People making choices
  • Closing thoughts

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13 Sep
incredibly inspirational ….thanks
13 Sep
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20 Sep
I really want to meet Scott. As a student of philosophy I think abstract before I can put into action. He seems like he would be very enlightening to interact with. I so much for growth, I have been such a sponge so far with all that knowledge that has been given to me. I’ve got a lot of time to make up for.
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12 Sep
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12 Sep
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