Bonus -Austin Bitcoin Club - Beef Panel

Bonus -Austin Bitcoin Club - Beef Panel

I Am Texas Slim

Special Bonus: Austin Bitcoin Club - Beef Panel

  • Intro to Texas Slim and The Beef Initiative 
  • John Pantalone of Amber Oaks Ranch
  • Bitcoiners and Ranchers similar ethos
  • Meat Mafia featuring CarniClemenza
  • Ethos around food and bitcoin
  • Market Access with bitcoin 
  • WTF Happened in 1971?
  • Old money vs bitcoin business model
  • Creating a network of nodes as communities/ranchers/market access
  • Value4Value Exchanges
  • Farmers Market Mafia
  • Meet ranchers/bitcoiners in person
  • Q&A Session

Guests on the panel:
Parker Lewis - Unchained Capital
John Pantalone - Amber Oaks Ranch
Don of The Meat Mafia:
Texas Slim - The Beef Initiative

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