Episode 5 - Ranch Talk ft Ann & Weldon Warren
Episode 5 - Ranch Talk ft Ann & Weldon Warren
I Am Texas Slim

Episode 4 - Ranch Talk ft Ann & Weldon Warren

  • Rancher Humor
  • Snakes, barns and chickens
  • Beeky
  • Wild Dogs, yes D as in dogs
  • Daily life in Holy Cow Beef
  • Gamey vs Fishy flavor profiles
  • Cattle trust building 
  • Listening to happy cows
  • Keeping traditions alive
  • City vs Country contest
  • Holy Cow Beef boxes and Subscriptions
  • Closing Remarks

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10,000 sats
19 Sep
Thanks Slim for giving me the opportunity to meet such amazing people! Mr. Weldon & Mrs. Ann are a smart and powerful unit with uncommon wisdom, I learned much from them and hope to keep learning from them in the future.
20 Sep
absolutely, glad you could make it and hear their stories in person.
21 Sep
Thanks for the compliment Ron. It was a pleasure and a blessing visiting with you!!!!Mr. Academia!
5,000 sats
24 Sep
3,333 sats
24 Sep
Great Conversation 🐄
2,222 sats
16 Sep
fun stories from our temporary neighbors
21 Sep
You guys were great neighbors!!! can’t wait to hear about your next RV adventure
1,000 sats
19 Sep
thanks Slim!!! great vision!!!
500 sats
20 Sep
500 sats
20 Sep
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17 Sep
300 sats
16 Sep