Hometown Meats with Cole Bolton
Hometown Meats with Cole Bolton
I Am Texas Slim

Hometown Meats with Cole Bolton - Episode 70

 Waist deep in the processing center
 Bringing local beef business to an oil/gas town
 Joys of processing and shipping
 Community building locally
 Creating Hometown Meats Processing Center
 Cattlemans "Kill It & Grill It” Celebration Event
 Integrating bitcoin with Market Access
 Innovating distribution
 Hometown Meats
 "Harvested” in the United States...
 How many hands have touched your beef?
 Butchering, bringing back a needed art
 Cole’s cattle highway story
 Clyde from 2 Bar C Ranch
 Cole takes a nap

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5 Oct
Home Town Meats is going to be huge for this area of central Texas and as a model for taking back our market access. y’all are doing great work and I’m always excited to hear about it!
10,000 sats
8 Oct
Thank you both for spreading the message & sharing your thoughts. I always enjoy the stories.
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8 Oct
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5 Oct
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6 Oct
maybe next time
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6 Oct
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