Decentralize Your Health Care with CrowdHealth

Decentralize Your Health Care with CrowdHealth

I Am Texas Slim

Decentralize Your Health Care with CrowdHealth

  • Road to 100k changing lives
  • Backstory of CrowdHealth
  • What happened to health insurance?
  • Obesity and Beef Farts
  • Change your consumption models
  • Bitcoin and healthcare
  • How CrowdHealth works
  • Local Community 
  • Pay in Cash
  • Story time with Slim 
  • "Carrot Top"
  • Best marketing tips
  • Opt out of the Fiat Health Insurance
  • Community member story
  • Small towns in Texas
  • Voicing the rancher in healthcare
  • US healthcare availability
  •  Doctor costs
  • Devaluing the pool
  • You are the agent 

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