Mastodon Valley Farms ft Peter Allen and Aidan
Mastodon Valley Farms ft Peter Allen and Aidan
I Am Texas Slim
  • Road to 100k changing lives
  • Aidan's journey into beef
  • Paul and The Driftless
  • Dirt in the air
  • Everything comes from the soil
  • Story time with Slim
  • Breakfast tacos
  • Pain points with Peter Allen
  • "Grass Fed" vs Grass Fed
  • Consumer Ignorance
  • Mastodon Valley Farm
  • From soil to fork
  • Beef Training
  • Meat subscriptions
  • Small processing centers
  • Boost Messages Appreciation

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20,000 sats
26 Oct
Hi Slim. I was wondering if you had any contact with ranchers in the California Northern Sacramento Valley. I’m not a rancher, though these days I wish I was, but I travel around this area and really enjoy listening to your shows while taking in the sights and smells of some of these beautiful properties. Love your mission.
10,000 sats
27 Oct
2,500 sats
30 Oct
good conversation 🥩🐂🐊
550 sats
31 Oct
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27 Oct
🐂 🐄
500 sats
26 Oct