489: Luther Curious
489: Luther Curious
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One of the most challenging aspects of being an independent developer, and our thoughts on Microsoft's recent bad news.

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28 Oct
Headline from The Bacon: Florida man suspected of going Nuland on striking mascot, suggests better breeding in order. Takes new bride…
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26 Oct
I think the problem is that the regulations are very outdated. Civil engineering boo-boos have been the cause for hundreds of lives. Hopefully JavaScript is never put in charge of something with that power. Is complaining about a stop light really "practicing engineering"? If you claim that a bit of napkin math is engineering, doesn't that invalidate your profession? Napkin math by a amatures is engineering so engineering is napkin math by amatures. Congrats on the wedding btw!
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30 Oct
con-quack-ulations, Mike!
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28 Oct