@ODELL - Just Stay Humble And Stack Sats. #207

@ODELL - Just Stay Humble And Stack Sats. #207

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Today's guest on the show is your boy @ODELL who joins me to drink whisky and rip on all things #Bitcoin.

Why is @ODELL leaving New York and how has that affected him?

What was the 'New York Agreement', why is #Bitcoin so difficult to use or buy in NYC and who is responsible for that?

What is going on with Compass Mining and how did the Bottlepay sale to NYDIG arise?

Can #bitcoin podcasters and content creators survive without ads or sponsorship and if so how far out is it until we realise that reality?

Why is @ODELL launching a VC fund with bitcoiners for bitcoiners and who would he give his last orange pill too?

So much more was discussed in this rip and as always I had a lot of fun and laughs with @ODELL throughout the ep! Thank you for everything you are doing for the space! 

I look forward to propping up a bar IRL one day!

I stand on the shoulders of giants, these guys are amazing.

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