Episode 32: Under the Curve
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Episode 32: Under the Curve

Jul 29 2022 • 46m
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Show Notes

Italy's government descends into chaos ( with the failure of a confidence vote for Mario Drahgi
Excalibur ( is Arthur's follow up to A Samurai, A Knight, And A Yankee (
El Salvador announces a debt buyback scheme (
Seems designed to reduce fears of defaul
El Salvador's bitcoin buys in 2021 were less than 0.5% of the national budget (
The SpiceDAO saga ends with a surprise privatization ( and they might literally also be child predators (
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Aug 4 2022
pew pew petar's the name, spraying sats is my game!
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Aug 2 2022
Keep the sats for the double boost. Fountain does that sometimes. Thanks for the show! You don't have to read this on air
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Aug 2 2022
Thanks, as always, for your insightful analyses!
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Aug 2 2022
bonds bond bond bond
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