FWB005 - Passing the Vibe Check
Flirting With Bitcoin

FWB005 - Passing the Vibe Check

Jan 24 2022 • 18m 56s
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Is it too late to fall for Bitcoin? Mandana gets in her feelings about sleeping on Bitcoin for so long and Ian lays out the timeline on how it has got so many simping. ToolsSatoshi Savings CalculatorFollow UsWebsite | Twitter | Instagram | Ian's TwitterRecommendationsStrike Unchained Capital Fountain PodcastsStacker NewsThe Bitcoin Standard Get full access to Flirting With Bitcoin at
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Jul 22 2022
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2 Oct
Wow, so sad we appear like the country with the worst inflation, but yeah, it's happening. Luckily bitcoin (and other cryptos) are starting to be the way to "combat" the crisis here. And the good thing is the young programmer generarion is really making interesting stuffs to get the people more closer to crypto world. Thanks for the podcast again!
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Aug 27 2022