Episode 44: Solo Semantics
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Episode 44: Solo Semantics

10 Oct • 44m
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Show Notes

EU bans all Russian 'crypto wallets' (, maybe? the documentation is poorly written
Spiral BTC quarterly report mentions DesFemmes bitcoin mentorship program (, which I meant to bring up months ago
Arthur's Contagion article ( is a blow buy blow of how Yield Curve Control is here, forever, until we have a new financial system paradaigm
Snippets is Arthur's mea culpa ( on levering up on Etherium's 'ultra sound money deflation' policy change, but he articulates a reasonable longterm bitcoin case
BNB, an Etherium competitor run by Binance, froze their 'decentralized' chain ( after a hack
Flashbots, yet another Etherium centralization point, is censoring transactions (
Celsius just doxxed every former user ( in a bankruptcy filing, the judge declined to redact user data
Mulvad's online privacy guide ( has good basics
Bitcoin Education
Serhack's analysis of the bitcoin genesis block ( is educational and entertaining
Was Satoshi a greedy miner ( by Jameson Lopp pairs well with Serhack's article
Bitcoin Optech #220 ( is a big issue covering transaction relay, flow control, and more
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25 Oct
Use firefox Container tabs! you can containerize your websites so the only cookie they can see is their own.
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15 Oct
Thanks for the great show as always! Also, since Chris is curious about this, I found the show through JB. The first JB show I listened to is self hosted, which I found through Level1techs.