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11 Feb
@AlyseKilleen - Investing in #bitcoin Only Companies. #323
BTC $ 21,628 Block Height 775,908 Today's guest on the show is @AlyseKilleen from @HelloStillmark who joins me to talk about her experience in the legacy Venture Capital World and her transition to investing in #Bitcoin only companies. Why did @AlyseKilleen experience as a data researcher make her the perfect fit for a venture capital role? What made @AlyseKilleen decide to step away from the traditional world and into the #Bitcoin one? What companies have @AlyseKilleen and @HelloStillmark invested in and why? What is @AlyseKilleen take on the FTX debacle and the level of unprofessional and irresponsible actions shown by their big name investors? A huge thank you to @AlyseKilleen for coming on the show and sharing her past experiences and bullishness for the future of #Bitcoin! ALL LINKS HERE - - GET UP IN MY LINKTREE IF YOU WANT TO OFFER PLEBS DISCOUNTS! Pleb Service Announcement. @orangepillapp That’s it, that’s the announcement. Thank you: @coincorner @swanbitcoin @relai_app @ShiftCryptoHQ @wasabiwallet @hodlhodl for your trust and support. Support the pods via @fountain_app Shills and Mench’s: WASABI WALLET - SWAN BITCOIN RELAI APP USE CODE - REL727- RELAI DESKTOP - USE CODE - REL727- SHIFTCRYPTO Use Code BITTEN COINCORNER HODL HODL - BITCOIN MIAMI - - Use Code - BITTEN - for a 10% discount. @TheBitcoinConf BTC PRAGUE - USE CODE - BITTEN - For a 10% discount. @BtcPrague BITCOIN RESERVE - SATSBACK - Shop online and earn back sats! UNGOVERNABLE MISFITS - Radical uncensored streetwear - Use code ‘bitten’ for your 10% discount. KONSENSUS NETWORK - Buy bitcoin books in different languages. Use code BITTEN for 10% discount - HEATBIT - Home Bitcoin mining - - Use code BITTEN.
10 Feb • 1hr 32m