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Jun 26 2022
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@RobBrinded - Freeing Your Mind And How #bitcoin fixes This. #264
BTC $ 20,288 Today’s guest on the show is @RobBrinded who joins me to talk about freedom from your mind, #bitcoin and so much more! Why did @RobBrinded walk away from his job as one of the most highly paid and respected sports scientists in Europe? What did 5 years at Chelsea and 3 years at Barcelona teach @RobBrinded about how the mind works and why that was more important for him to research than working with physical functions? Why do we carry so much pain and trauma with us through our lives, where does the conditioning and programming start and how can we unlock that using techniques @RobBrinded has honed over 25 years? What recent experience in my personal life has left me angry and confused and how does @RobBrinded help me realise I am imprisoning myself with my own emotions? How can we as #Bitcoin plebs embrace the truth of the #Bitcoin blockchain and why is it the perfect handrail to grab onto when searching your own emotions? What do @RobBrinded and I find addictive about #bitcoin and how can we use that to empower ourselves through understanding our emotions? A huge thanks to @RobBrinded for coming on the show and sharing with complete openness his journey and feelings about #Bitcoin. DM @RobBrinded for more information! #Bitcoin plebs together, strong, FTW! Pleb Service Announcement. Liberty in Our Lifetime Conference is taking place in Prague from October 21-23. Find out more and get your tickets at and follow @LibertyIOL on Twitter Code ‘Princey’ for a discount. Thank you: @coincorner @swanbitcoin @relai_ch @ShiftCryptoHQ @BTCreserveHQ @bitcoindayio for your trust and support. You can also support the show by using the @Breez_Tech App and @fountain_app by searching for the Once BITten Podcast! Fountain App - Shills and Mench’s: SWAN BITCOIN RELAI SHIFTCRYPTO Code BITTEN COINCORNER BITCOIN RESERVE - LIBERTY IN OUR LIFETIME CONFERENCE. Early bird tickets at Use code Princey for a discount and follow @LibertyIOL on Twitter BITCOIN DAY CONFERENCE Use code OB10 at checkout for a 10% Discount. SATSBACK - Shop online and earn back sats! UNGOVERNABLE MISFITS - Radical uncensored streetwear - Use code ‘bitten’ for your 10% discount. KONSENSUS NETWORK - Buy bitcoin books in different languages. Use code bitten for 10% discount - BALTIC HONEY BADGER CONFERENCE -
Jun 26 2022 • 2hr 11m