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17 May
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Episode 79: Interview: Ordinals, Inscriptions & BRC-20 with Brandon Black
A brief history of the brief history of ordinal inscriptions ( on bitcoin from glassnode Another introduction to ordinals ( from crypto company Bitgo Bitcoin developer Andrew Poelstra on why banning arbitrary data ( from the bitcoin blockchain isn't feasible The Ordinal docs ( The introductory doc to BRC-20 ( experiment which uses ordinals to create altcoins on bitcoin Brandon Black's github (
17 May • 43m
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The best way to fight bad ideas and bad terminology, is with good ideas and good terminology…
Bitcoin Audible
Jul 8 2022 • 0m 51s
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Jack Mallers bitcoin tortilla chip, raisin, peanut story
What Bitcoin Did with Peter McCormack
Feb 20 2022 • 4m 7s