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Oct 9 2022
Awesome episode, Princey!!
@Excellion - @PrincFilip1 - Orange Pilling Nation States And Royal Families - @JAN3com . #288
BTC $ 19,496 Block Height 757,698 Today's guests on the show are Samson Mow and Prince Phillip Of Serbia ANd Yugoslavia who join me to talk about the Jan3 initiative of educating Nation States and Royal families around the world about #Bitcoin How did @Excellion and @PrincFilip1 meet and why did that lead to Samson recruiting Phillip away from his fiat financial markets job? What is a UASF and how does @Excellion explain this to Lauren? How does @PrincFilip1 think about the ethics of #Bitcoin and how it ties into Monarchies? When will we hear of the next Nation State adopting #bitcoin or at least making an effort to educate its citizens about magic internet money? A huge thank you to both @Excellion - @PrincFilip1 for coming on the show and for everything you have done and are doing to raise awareness of #Bitcoin! ALL LINKS HERE - - GET UP IN MY LINKTREE IF YOU WANT TO OFFER PLEBS DISCOUNTS! Pleb Service Announcement. Liberty in Our Lifetime Conference is taking place in Prague from October 21-23. Find out more and get your tickets at and follow @LibertyIOL on Twitter Code ‘Princey’ for a discount. Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022 - Use Code BITTEN for a discount. @thebitcoinconf Pacific Bitcoin Conference - Put on by Swan Bitcoin. Use code PRINCE for a discount. @pacificbitcoin Thank you: @coincorner @swanbitcoin @relai_ch @ShiftCryptoHQ @BTCreserveHQ @wasabiwallet for your trust and support. You can also support the show by using the @Breez_Tech App and @fountain_app by searching for the Once BITten Podcast! Support the pods via @fountain_app Shills and Mench’s: WASABI WALLET - SWAN BITCOIN RELAI SHIFTCRYPTO Code BITTEN COINCORNER BITCOIN RESERVE - BITCOIN DAY CONFERENCE Use code OB10 at checkout for a 10% Discount. SATSBACK - Shop online and earn back sats! UNGOVERNABLE MISFITS - Radical uncensored streetwear - Use code ‘bitten’ for your 10% discount. KONSENSUS NETWORK - Buy bitcoin books in different languages. Use code bitten for 10% discount - ALL THE LINKS
Oct 8 2022 • 1hr 15m