Get paid to listen to podcasts
Give back to podcasts you love
Share podcasts with others
Get paid to listen to podcasts
Give back to podcasts you love
Share podcasts with others
Recent Posts

Invest in Fountain’s Latest Funding Round

Mar 10, 2023
This is your opportunity to join us on our journey by investing in Fountain through Lightning Ventures
Fountain 0.6.5 - Nostr Zaps & Share Clips as Videos
Mar 2, 2022
You can now receive zaps on Nostr straight to your Fountain wallet and share clips as eye-catching videos on social media.

Fountain 0.6.4 - Search Editorial & Clip Update

Feb 15, 2023
New UI updates and changes to how clips are surfaced in the app make discovering podcasts easier.

What is Fountain Premium?

Upgrade to Fountain Premium for just £2.99 a month! Subscribing to Fountain Premium will unlock a growing list of features for you and save you money in fees.
  • Create clips with the transcript editor
  • Reduce your transaction fees to just 1%
  • Make clip playlists
  • Turn off Promotions
  • Support future development
Please note that if you are running GrapheneOS you will not be able to subscribe to Fountain Premium.