Get paid to listen to podcasts
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Get paid to listen to podcasts
Give back to podcasts you love
Share podcasts with others
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Hot on Fountain: May 2023

June 1, 2023
A selection of the most supported shows and episodes that had Fountain listeners gripped in May. Sponsored by River.
What Are Podcasting 2.0 Transcripts and What Are The Benefits?
May 30, 2023
Making transcripts available for your podcast helps you reach a wider audience while giving your listeners more ways to consume your content.

Fountain 0.7.0 - New Podcast Library, Transcripts, Performance Upgrades & Live (beta)

May 29, 2023
Podcast lovers will be delighted by the powerful features in the latest Fountain update.

How do I discover valuable content?

Content recommendations on most apps are driven by algorithms - this is rarely a good experience. Fountain uses money as a signal to surface the content that is deemed valuable by other listeners. There are three places you can discover podcasts in the app: 1. Home Follow your friends and other Fountain users to see which podcasts they have been supporting. In your feed you will see the latest boosts, comments and clips. 2. Search Browse podcasts, profiles, clips and playlists from the Search page. 3. Charts On the Search page, press "Hot on Fountain" to browse the most supported shows and episodes, as well as the biggest boosts. The charts are updated daily and show you the top results from the last 7 days. You can also find the charts on our website here.