Another Narrative Ep733
Another Narrative Ep733
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 733 of Bitcoin And . . .

Topics for today:

- Bart Patterns and UK's CPI
- Fentanyl report: Pure narrative
- Bitfinex eyes #LatAM
- BTC mining infighting
- Regulators gargle more words
- IMF and the Central African Republic
- Another rugpull

#Bitcoin #BitcoinAnd #BTC

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Boost... That's all... Y'all be good.
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24 May
One twist on the Upstream Data v. Crusoe lawsuit… Crusoe had already sued one of Upstream’s customers (in Colorado) under Crusoe’s patents. That lawsuit is specifically mentioned in the Upstream lawsuit. So this looks like it could be a defensive move by Upstream to protect themselves & their customers. Still, will have to watch Upstream closely to make sure they’re playing fair.
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25 May
great show, as always