Episode #230 – A.I. Lies – Randumb Thoughts Podcast
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Episode #230 – A.I. Lies – Randumb Thoughts Podcast

19 Apr • 38m
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Elon Musk wants a truthful AI bot, your Twitter DMs were never private, violence is running rampant in Chicago, and a whole lot more on today’s Randumb Thoughts podcast! EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:ThewTheKookyTHANK YOU! PLEASE SUPPORT RANDUMB THOUGHTS! SUBSCRIBE / DONATE: CHECK OUT MY OTHER SHOWS: PLANET RAGE: https://planetrage.showUNRELENTING: https://unrelenting.showGRUMPY OLD BENS: Thank you for listening to Randumb … Continue reading "Episode #230 – A.I. Lies – Randumb Thoughts Podcast"
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20,000 sats
25 Apr
and here I thought wikipedia was the fast track to news speak stupidity, then along comes A.I and says wanna go for a ride? enjoyed the show and glad I found some more sanity to help me through the shift work.