Solo Rip 41
Talking In Bits

Solo Rip 41

4 Feb • 35m
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Show Notes

Back with Solo Rip 41:
- Are you paying attention?
- Dalio doesn’t understand bitcoin
- Parker goes in on one of the legacy guys
- Bitcoin and personal finance, a journey of my experience

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10,000 sats
6 Feb
you have to have a fiat safety net. because we live in this world here and now. and whether we like it or not that is reality.
5,555 sats
8 Feb
congrates on the 2 million! here's to the next 2 million.
5,000 sats
7 Feb
recommend getting Coinicarus from @PlebUnderground on the show to talk about the ordinals aka shitcoin nfts.
521 sats
4 Feb
Signal Signal! IMHO If someone hasn’t seen the Bitcoin light they are in denial about something. Maybe they think fiat is the light. Truth always shines. The True Light will prevail.