Episode #232 – Suspect Sitcoms  – Randumb Thoughts Podcast
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Episode #232 – Suspect Sitcoms – Randumb Thoughts Podcast

3 May • 1hr 1m
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Who is trying to assassinate Vladimir Putin? Why are the Hollywood writers going on strike? Should anyone care? What makes someone think certain sitcoms haven’t aged well? What’s the Lego loophole? I’ll answer all of these questions and more on Today’s Randumb Thoughts! Thanks for listening! EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:Stu CoatesSir Truck DriverDennis WoodsTim HeeszelJarhead946THANK YOU! PLEASE … Continue reading "Episode #232 – Suspect Sitcoms – Randumb Thoughts Podcast"
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20,000 sats
4 May
this is for the record store day episode, forgot to Boooost it. thanks for the info on the players, I have recently started picking up some old vinyl and I don’t want to destroy them with a junk player.
20,000 sats
4 May
the last time the writers went on strike was when we were blessed with the “Reality Show Curse”. wonder what will get dumped on us this time?
1,000 sats
10 May
now I know what shows I need to watch…. again.