The 10th Amendment and You.  Ep660
The 10th Amendment and You. Ep660
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 660 of Bitcoin And . . .
Topics for today:
- They are coming for the on-ramps! $100,000 minimum SWIFT transfers to Binance incoming
Feb. 1st
- Stack KYC-free Sats
- Mississippi and Missouri legislate pro-Bitcoin mining
- SBF, FTX stuff
- VCs on the hook for lax due diligence?
- Federal home-loan system was loaning to "crypto banks"

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30,000 sats
24 Jan
high rollin because well hell its only money and ill be dead soon. happy b day you op geezer
20,000 sats
24 Jan
Keep the analysis coming, it keeps me occupied while at work.
1,000 sats
24 Jan
Making something “legal“ isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. This just usually means that they get to define and limit do use of something and then pretend like they did you a favor.
1,000 sats
23 Jan
when you finally get some farmer/ranchers in front of a mic, I would by ask them WTF1971 & how aware they are of the fiat / debt generational Ponzi.
369 sats
24 Jan
200 sats
25 Jan
Great episode. I have a best practices question about hodling KYC vs non-KYC. Should I use a totally separate wallet, ie seed phrase for each or just make sure to send to separate wallet addresses under one seed phrase?