Economic Backdoors
Economic Backdoors
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  • U.S Treasury staving off liquidity problems due to debt ceiling by not paying into retirement programs




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25,000 sats
26 Jan
When learning about self custody rather than moving small amounts of actual Bitcoin consider using testnet. I always use testnet when i'm trying something new like using a new hardware wallet or testing a new multisig scheme. With testnet there is zero risk of accidentally sending your precious Bitcoin into the void. I always look forward to the Bitcoin Dad Pod. Keep up the good work!
10,000 sats
22 Jan
How dare you? We're at least Eastern Block.
5,000 sats
23 Jan
thanks for the insights!
4,200 sats
29 Jan
How bullish are you guys on Nostr? A permissionless and censorship-resistant public communication protocol was missing and is now here and usable. Any thoughts?, (both PWA) and amethyst work well on Android while Damus seems to be the go to client on iOS.
2,222 sats
22 Jan
I've yet to get through your back catalogue so apologies if this has been talked about before. What's the story behind the BTC lawnmower art? Did you accidently lose your Bitcoin by running over your laptop and now the IRS can't tax you for capital gains 🤣
101 sats
25 Jan
100 sats
24 Jan
Please, do not even consider Bitcoin as a retirement strategy. It is a highly dubious, volatile, and dangerous proposition.
100 sats
25 Jan
Please find the time stamps here: