Get Ready for Zombie FTX! Ep659
Get Ready for Zombie FTX! Ep659
Bitcoin And . . .
Join me today for Episode 659 of Bitcoin And . . .
Topics for today:
- FTX rises from the grave?
- Don't buy Bitcoin
- Dorm-room mining
- Barry, Genesis, DCG, and the Winklevi
- How to tell if someone is "compromised"

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20 Jan
double boost, as Fountain wouldn’t let me boost the last episode.
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20 Jan
Wait, I kinda wish Satoshi.gif would be a thing once 21 million was reached. What a hell of a reveal.
25 Jan
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21 Jan
I read this on reddit and I'm afraid it might be right --->> CZ is artificially pumping the market to turn retail into exit liquidity for all the companies that came out and said they “had no exposure” to Genesis’ bankruptcy. Why? Because if they all go down they’re bringing Binance with them. <<---
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21 Jan
Jamie and the rest of the legacy fiat system don’t want to let go of their scam Monopoly money pyramid scheme. naturally. it works so well for them.
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21 Jan
26 Jan
nice work but can u please tell me how u accumulate this much of sats as I have seen u boosted lakhs of sats