Seedsigner is the ultimate signing device ft Keith Mukai
Seedsigner is the ultimate signing device ft Keith Mukai
Talking In Bits

In episode 88, we’re back with Keith Mukai from the Seedsigner project.

- 20 years of programing

- Meeting Seedsigner the man

- Bad python code

- Keith before bitcoin

- Programming shitcoins leads to bitcoin

- Base layer and layer 2

- Lightning trends to custodial

- Best newbie wallet onboarding

- Tor vs. Tailscale

- Seedsigner

- Trust HWW build?

- Passphrase?

- Pepperoni pizza QR code?

- Signing flow for Seedsigner

- Global support for Seedsigner

- El Salvador stories

And more!

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33,000 sats
23 Nov
Boost! great conversation 👍
19,760 sats
23 Nov
Very interesting convo about Seedsigner... Definitely gonna look into that. also... I have one of those Start9 servers in the works also. I'm probably gonna be blowing up your inbox with a bunch of dumb questions. Y'all have a good one...
1,234 sats
23 Nov
500 sats
27 Nov
Loved this episode. Thanks for not being afraid to get technical and even a bit nerdy!
100 sats
26 Nov
love keith and seedsigner 🧡