1505 - "Cat's Paw"
1505 - "Cat's Paw"
No Agenda

No Agenda Episode 1505 - "Cat's Paw"

"Cat's Paw"

Executive Producers:

Brian Lillard

Paul Littmann

Paul Deffes

Sir Semicolon

Forest Dukes aka Faux Diddley

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Title Changes

Sir Vile -> Baron of the Northland. Protector of the greater north.

Knights & Dames

Daniel Kaufman -> Sir Dank_Steady of Doty Island

Anonymous -> Sir SixtyOneTwelve (6112)

Mason -> Sir Mason Master of Rags

Jeff Costas -> Sir Jeff Costas, Black Knight of Middleburg, Florida

Brandon -> Sir Brandon, Black Knight of the Order of TNT

Robert Ludwig -> Sir Boober-The Most Sane Man

David Miller -> Sir Arizona, (Black) Knight of the Peninsula

Nathan Scheuermann -> Sir Sheuey (SHOO-ee) of the land of the ice and snow

Anonymous -> Dame Finger Mole

Courtney Harris -> Dame Cort, guardian of the Aerodrome

Art By: Dirty Jersey Whore

End of Show Mixes: Deez Laughs - Prof J Jones - Jesse Coy Nelson

Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry

Mark van Dijk - Systems Master

Ryan Bemrose - Program Director

Back Office Aric Mackey

Chapters: Dreb Scott

Clip Custodian: Neal Jones

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