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Fountain 0.2.3 + Android

· Product Updates

Fountain Podcasts 0.2.3 + Android! ⚡️

A week since we launched - we have a new version of Fountain on iOS that has loads of bug fixes, improvements, and updates.

You can download the update from the app store here -

We're also now live on Android!

Bug Fixes + Improvements

  • Podcast show sorting now ignores "A " and "The " - thanks @leslie
  • Ability to add username and password for custom rss feed - thanks @aetherbath
  • Bug with playlist UI - thanks @shawnyeager
  • Wallet UI updates
  • Bug fix in clip transcription
  • Bug fix in clip video export

If you have any feedback or feature requests - please submit feedback through the tool in the app menu - or just email

Thanks for your support,


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