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Flirting With Bitcoin
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Good work as ever Daniel with Saylor. great pod as usual. visiting intendly from Bitcoin Belfast. you should have Bitcoin Dinny on your show for a chat. is doing great work in the space to educate here in N.Ireland / Ireland
@Saylor - The Year In Review 2022 In #bitcoin. #309
BTC $ 16,850 Block Height 768,255 Today's guest on the show is @Saylor who joins me to look at what happened in the world of #bitcoin in 2022. What are the high points, what were the low points and what was ultimately learned? How do we move forward in the coming decades and should we Orange Pill Katy Perry? How does @saylor see Nation States, small countries or autonomous zones plugging into #bitcoin and why is education so important? ALL LINKS HERE - - GET UP IN MY LINKTREE IF YOU WANT TO OFFER PLEBS DISCOUNTS! Pleb Service Announcement. @orangepillapp That’s it, that’s the announcement. Thank you: @coincorner @swanbitcoin @relai_app @ShiftCryptoHQ @wasabiwallet @hodlhodl for your trust and support. Support the pods via @fountain_app Shills and Mench’s: WASABI WALLET - SWAN BITCOIN RELAI USE CODE - REL727- SHIFTCRYPTO Use Code BITTEN COINCORNER HODL HODL - BITCOIN MAIAMI - - Use Code - BITTEN - for a 10% discount. @TheBitcoinConf BTC PRAGUE - USE CODE - BITTEN - For a 10% discount. @BtcPrague BITCOIN RESERVE - SATSBACK - Shop online and earn back sats! UNGOVERNABLE MISFITS - Radical uncensored streetwear - Use code ‘bitten’ for your 10% discount. KONSENSUS NETWORK - Buy bitcoin books in different languages. Use code bitten for 10% discount -
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...we just added 8 trillion dollars in debt...
Coin Stories with Natalie Brunell
Feb 15 2022 • 2m 10s